You just have to visit Savannah…

When you grow up on the east coast, you often hear a lot of great things about certain cities. Most of these “great things” come from people who spent a lot of time in those areas. After awhile, you start to form a natural resistance to the desperate cries of “You just have to visit…” Well, Savannah was one of those places for us. We grew up hearing a lot about it but ever been there long enough to form our own opinion.

Since we were just starting out as full-timers, we wanted to start with an easy trip. The idea was to venture out and get a handle on basics like: driving the RV while separately driving a car, testing how the dogs adjusted to the smaller living conditions, and getting set up at campgrounds. We decided that Savannah was the perfect place to start our life as full-time RVers. It was just far enough away from “home” to feel like we had no safety net and it connected to many things we were already familiar with like I-95.

We had no idea how wonderful it really was!

First of all, Savannah is one of the few cities that embraces its history alongside its modern conveniences. When you go downtown, you’ll see a variety of architectural styles from the 18th and 19th centuries that house newer businesses and restaurants. After a single afternoon of just driving around, Valerie managed to capture nearly 100 photographs. Each had a different architectural facade that echoed its history.

What makes Savannah really unique (especially on the east coast) is that they continue to support a natural atmosphere inside of their city limits. A lot of cities try to this by having very large city parks, like Central Park in Manhattan, but Savannah takes it one step farther. Instead of having just one large park, they also have many smaller parks available for its residents and visitors every 5 or 6 blocks. This gives everyone a great place to rest, relax, walk their dogs, and eat some lunch.


Additionally, almost every street is lined with shade trees. For example, this is just be a random side street in town but nearly every street looks like this. It’s gorgeous! No matter where you are in town, you feel a sense of calm and relaxation because the tree just suck the anxious vibes right out of the air.

Savannah is perfect for those with a touch of darkness.

It’s no small secret that the two of us used to part of the Goth subculture. We still are, at heart, but as we’ve gotten older it’s gotten less important to dress the part just to prove who we feel like on the inside. Well Savannah is the perfect place for the dark-hearted. They have many cemeteries that are open to the public and some of the best ghost tours in the country.

We stayed in the Savannah area for about a month. By the time we had to head out, it was so hard to drive away. In such a short time, this charming city managed to steal our hearts and we knew it would always be one of our favorite places to visit.

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