Where Is This Campground Located?

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
GPS: 33.6537009,-78.9305866
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After a long, cold, snowy winter stuck at our family’s house in Pennsylvania, we finally hit the road for our first major destination: Savannah, Georgia. On the way down, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and see what all the fuss was about. Now, we knew that parking your RV near any major tourist destination was going to cost some extra cash and the other local options were true to that rule. However, the state park was a nice change and at an affordable nightly rate nearly $10 lower than it’s competitors.

Once we got there, we were a little bummed. We’re not exactly sure if it was timing or a common theme for this park, but they packed their campers in like sardines. Not only were the sites tightly-spaced, camping season had just begun, there were a LOT of people. Between the other campers’ excited children and off-leash dogs, it was not exactly a quiet or relaxing experience. At one point, it was so loud that we considered leaving early just to get a break from the chaos.

What Services Are Available Here?

At the time of this review, only electric and water hookups were available at the sites. The park has a dump station which was easy to access. Each sites was mostly level, shaded, and had a picnic table with a fire ring. We had Verizon decent coverage at our site—no surprise given that the park is located in the middle of Myrtle Beach.

For us, one major disappointment was they did not allow our our dogs on the beach. There is an awesome walking trail that leads directly to the beach. With that rule though, we could only go so far with the dogs in tow. The park does have access to a fishing pier for an additional fee. The campground has a strict no-alcohol policy, which put a damper on any beer drinking. Finally, if you are planning to venture out, the gates locked after 10pm. They give you a code, but it’s still something to note when you’re planning your evening.

What Were We Up To?

We walked the beach a few times and went out to explore more of the town of Myrtle Beach. We went out of eat a few times but mostly we just hung out in town and tried to get a feel for one of the east coast’s biggest tourist traps.

Honestly, Myrtle Beach wasn’t the place for us and neither was this campground. For people who like that sort of thing, it’s a much nicer stay (and cheaper) stay than some of the other independent parks in the area. For us, it was a little over-hyped and not worth what they charged for the nightly stay. To each their own.

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