Where Is This Campground Located?

Savannah, Georgia
GPS: 32.0394375,-81.1690565
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After 5 months of talking about it, we finally arrived at Savannah, Georgia and we were excited. A whole new world opened up to us: we were finally full-timers and we finally hit our first travel destination. Finding a campground in the Savannah area wasn’t hard, but finding an affordable one posed as more of a challenge than we expected. Red Gate Campground was a happy compromise of price and convenience that we wanted.

What Services Are Available Here?

There’s a full choice of site here: full hook-ups, electric & water only, or dry. Some sites have shade, some are full sun. Most are large enough to accommodate bigger RVs. We got excellent Verizon signal out here too.

As you walk around the campground, you realize that what makes them really unique as a destination is their charm. They checked every box in the “What Do Campers Need?” list. There is a clubhouse with WiFi, ice, a laundry room, a playground, a pool, a fishing dock… everything a camper could ask for… including horseback riding!

Even though we didn’t personally see any, this campground apparently also comes with snakes and alligators. It’s no surprise since they are native to the southeast, but keep your eye on your little ones when you’re out on the grounds and near water.

What Were We Up To?

Unbeknownst to us, the best thing we did when we were here was fall in love with Savannah. The majority of our time was spent venturing out in the city. The website boasted about how close this campground was to the city and it is. It’s very close, but the truth is that you’re actually closer to the south part which is mostly residential. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, this can be a little frustrating because you go out and suddenly you’re in someone’s neighborhood.

All in all, Red Gate Campground was a beautiful place. Their quaint country atmosphere and general location made up for their price. If you’re into just hanging out at your campground, this is a nice quiet place to do it. There’s plenty to room to walk around and it’s generally a pretty chill place.

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