Where Is This Campground Located?

Hardeeville, South Carolina
GPS: 32.188831, -81.028682
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We were on the hunt for an affordable place to stay in the Savanna area. Normally, we’d reserve our campground search to the same state as the city we want to see, but in the case of Savannah, the best campground we could find was actually in South Carolina. Not only is Hardeeville’s RV park only 15 minutes away, it’s drops you off on the side of town most people want to tour.

Best of all, they took Passport America for—wait for it—an unlimited number of nights! If you’re familiar with most Passport America campgrounds, you know how amazing this is. Most campgrounds only offer the discount for one or two nights. Because of Hardeeville’s choice of an unlimited discount, we decided to stay an extra 3 weeks on top of what we had planned.

What Services Are Available Here?

Every site includes full hookups (water, electric, and sewer) along with cable TV and free WiFi. Their Verizon cellular signal was great and data was coming in nicely, so we didn’t use much of their WiFi, but the signal was strong pretty much everywhere in the park. They are pet friendly and provide their furry guests with an excellent large fully fenced dog run.

When you’re walking around at night, the campground roads are well-lit, but the sites themselves are fairly dark. This is a great for people who like to have a little darkness outside at night. The extra light on the roadways was night though when you’re taking your dogs on their last out. The entire campground has nicely maintained grass too—so that’s also good for the pups.


The one problem we had with the park’s amenities was their laundry room. Their washers smelled heavily of mildew and their dryers were not very efficient. Since the machines were coin-op, an inefficient dryer meant you paid nearly twice what you would otherwise.

It should also be noted that this park does not accept credit cards. The check-in process was essentially self-serve and all you did to pay your dues was put cash, a check, or a traveler’s check in an envelope and drop it off in the office.

What Were We Up To?

We stayed here for a while so it’s hard to really say what we were up to. For the most part, we worked—because we are still young and still work full-time even though we live on the road. When we weren’t doing our normal thing, we ventured out into Savannah as often as we could. It was so convenience and close that it was hard to justify not taking a quick drive.

All in all, we really enjoyed our stay at Hardeeville and we’re looking forward to going back. Other than their laundry room, they satisfied all of our needs and secured a place as our favorite campground in the Savannah area.

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