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Spencer, Ohio - Journey to Visit all Spencer Towns in the USA

So I just bought a map at the gas station tonight. A real one made of paper! I like maps. Their network of roads are like blood vessels that bring life into the wild countryside. Attached to these roads were tiny towns that no one had ever heard of. One such town is Spencer, Ohio. While looking at the map tonight, I saw it—our last name next to a tiny black marker. It got me thinking…

“Exactly how many Spencer towns are there in the United States? Can we visit them all? How long would it take for us to do it?”

The birth of a new challenge!

We’ve recently discussed hitting up the four extreme points of the continental United States. It was an arbitrary goal, but it was something for us to ensure that we got off the beaten path. Seeing the extreme points is a common goal shared by many travellers, so I wasn’t totally convinced how “off the beaten path” it was really going to take us. This new challenge, however—visit every Spencer town in the US—was sure to went our wanderlust whistle!

Welcome to Spencer, Ohio: 1 of 15

Located in northern Ohio, not far from Cleveland, this town is so small that it barely takes up 1 mile on the map. It was founded about 1850 and hasn’t ever grown to a population of more than 1000 residents. The community itself seems quaint and reserved. Neither run down nor particularly affluent.

When we first showed up, I locked our GPS into the post office because I figured that would at least get us into the middle of town. Once we got there, Mike mentioned that the best way to catalog our journey would be to get a photo of something with the Spencer name in it. I’m not going to lie, I was little nervous because this was the first photograph I have ever taken specifically of a federally-run building.

It’s a terrible picture, but we were kind feeling uncomfortable about standing outside the post office taking selfies. It’s not like the post office is some major tourist destination. Certainly not for a small town like this one. Either way, I have a feeling this challenge is going to take some very interesting places.

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