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Spencer, New York - TechnoGypsies

Thanks to a warm start to autumn, we found ourselves in New York this October. We have been slowly working our way back south from New England but couldn’t resist taking a few weeks to hang out with friends in Rochester. As the leaves started to change and the weather was getting colder, we decided it was time to continue our journey to warmer temperatures. On the way, we couldn’t resist hitting up another Spencer town.

Welcome to Spencer, New York: 10 of 15

Located in central New York, just south of Ithaca in the Finger Lakes area. Founded in 1886, this town has about 3000 residents. We had a little trouble trying to find where to take our photo because, unlike most post offices, the Spencer location does not have the name of the down written large on the building. We did, after driving around for a while, find a great welcome sign on the Van Etten side of town. The biggest challenge was that the main roads that run through town are all 55mph (with locals doing well above that) so making split “pull off the road” decisions was a touch tricky.

It should be noted that the landscape around to Spencer, New York at this time of year is breathtaking. The turning leaves set the area’s rolling hills on fire. As you head toward the south of town, the greens and browns of active farmland breaks up this display of colors to provide quintessential picturesque views of autumnal country life.

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