It’s official! We’ve camped in this rig in all 48 contiguous states! Even before we bought our 24′ Winnebago View, I was sitting around dreaming about all the places we were going to go. All the things we were going to see. Well, those dreams have become our reality over the last 3 years and it’s been an amazing experience.

Cue Star Trek Enterprise’s theme song!

As members of the video game generation, Mike and I are achievement hunters and completionists. In every single video game we play, we have a tendency to spend extra time completing all available missions, exploring every square inch of map, and opening every loot crate. It’s only natural that we would take this mentality with us on the road.

On April 1st, we begin our fourth year as full-time RVers and, just one week short of our RVersary, we completed one of our most extensive road tripping goals. It’s been a long road but, with careful planning and a lot of dedication, we are now in the small group of full-timers that can claim a completed Great Map of Naps!

Our Rules for Statehood

You’ll see these maps a lot at campgrounds. Did you know that everyone has their own set of rules? Some people claim a state if they just drove through it (whether it’s in their RV or not.) Some people only claim it if they’ve stayed there awhile. Our rules were as follows:

  • We have to sleep in that state, in our rig, at least one night. This is where we got the “Great Map of Naps” moniker.
  • We have to experience something in that state: talk to people, take photos, hike, etc. It didn’t count if we didn’t participate—otherwise, what’s the point?
  • The dogs have to pee on (in) it.

Finally, the map is only valid for this particular RV. Yep, that means that we have to start all over again if we decide to move into another RV or trailer. I’m kind of looking forward to doing to all over again. But first I have to convince Mike to chauffeur our butts north through Canada.

Some Highlights From The Road:

As you can see, we’ve had a lot of fun. If you’re interested in seeing more of our adventures, check out our entire Instagram feed and give us a follow to keep updated when we post more. So what’s next?

To Alaska… and beyond! (Maybe.)

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