Where Is This Campground Located?

Dillon, South Carolina
GPS: 34.3280283,-79.2656146
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Little Pee Dee State Park is a another delightful campground in the South Carolina state park system. Located about 20 minutes east of Dillon, SC and about an hour west of Myrtle Beach, SC this little park will get you back to nature.

Originally, I read about this park when I was browsing through some of our peers’ favorite campsites for the 2016 year. At the time, we had already booked our winter stay in South Carolina. However, Little Pee Dee’s campground never fell off my radar. When I was looking for a winter spot for the 2017-2018 winter season, I noticed that the South Carolina state park system had some awesome discounts going on. One of which was for 50% off on camping at Little Pee Dee. Well, who can turn down 50% off?! Not us, for sure!

By the way, I highly recommend that you keep an eye on the South Carolina state park website for additional deals as the years progress. Between 2016 and 2017, they added another 4 state parks to their winter snowbird deals page. The state park system in South Carolina is generally pretty awesome too. They do get a little colder than Georgia or Florida, but they have slightly more stable weather. It’s a much better place to spend the winter in our opinion. Back to Little Pee Dee State Park…

What Services Are Available Here?

There are 50 campsites at Little Pee Dee state park. About half of them have electricity hookups. All of them have their own water spigot. There is a dump station and a dumpster located at the entrance to the campground. At the time that we stayed here, the place was pretty empty—which meant that it was also very quiet and relaxed. Exactly what we needed!

Cell service for Verizon was great and consistent at about 2-3 bars for 4G LTE. AT&T cell service got 1-2 bars for 4G. Unfortunately, T-Mobile was non-existent… which kind of sucked because that’s how we stream our Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. We were hoping to pick up some Heroes & Icons TV over the air, but we’re a little too far from Charleston. Though, we did get Comet, which has some pretty great sci-fi movies and shows.

©2018 by Valerie Spencer. All Rights Reserved.

What’s It Like At Little Pee Dee State Park?

Even though a good portion of the campsites are located right along the edge of the lake, at the time we were there, the lake had been drained. Apparently they needed to do some work on the nearby dam. So there was no lakeview for us, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t beautiful. The grassy lakebed was beautiful. Every morning for the better part of three weeks, I was waking up to a gorgeous sunrise tickling the tips of various types of grasses with its orange hues. We thoroughly enjoyed the view. If you do happen to be here when the lake comes back, you’ll be in for an extra special treat. Apparently they also have some decent bass and catfish fishing. (When the lake is there, obviously.)

The location of Little Pee Dee state park is also pretty convenient. It’s a about a 15-20 minute drive away from the domestic needs of a full-time RVer such as a laundromat, grocery stores, propane, and access to major highways. But even though it is close, when you step outside you can’t hear anything but silence, the crinkling of leaves as squirrels run and play, and the occasional chirping of birds.

What Were We Up To?

So we originally came here thinking that it was going to typical South Carolina winter weather. We showed up, expected that we’d get some work done on our apps, and maybe spend a little time outside playing with the dogs, practicing music, or working on our craft projects. Nope. Winter had a different idea. Within the first week of our arrival, it decided to blast us with that nasty cold front that rocked the entire east coast for weeks.

©2018 by Valerie Spencer. All Rights Reserved.

To make matters worse, our main heater/thermostat decided to start giving us problems. So after spending an entire week below freezing (with a couple of nights in the single-digit range) we ended up getting a crash course in how to weather a real east coast winter in an RV.

Even though the weather decided to change our plans, we still ended up staying at Little Pee Dee for about 4 weeks. We hopped around a few sites but we really loved staying in site #9. The configuration was perfect for watching sunrises. Snowbird discount or not, we would come back to this state park again in a heartbeat. As a matter of fact, we’ve already put this down as one of our go-to locations for future winters on the east coast. Hopefully next time it won’t actually snow!

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