So I’ve got some great news! Mike and I are happy to announce that our latest app Rolling Budget is now available in the app store! We’ve been working on it for quite some time and it’s finally available!

Rolling Budget is a personal finance tracker that keeps track of your day-to-day expenses, travel, and fuel costs. Track where your money goes, plan your expenses, and create a budget that works for you! Read on to learn more about it or go download it from the App store right now!

Rolling Budget - Track where your money goes, plan your expenses, and create a budget that works for you!

What’s so great about Rolling Budget?

Rolling Budget was created specifically with RVers in mind.

April 1st 2018 will mark the beginning of our 5th year as full-tie RVers. Tracking our money (especially travel costs) became incredibly important early on because we basically lived like we were on vacation. By the third month on the road, we realized that we needed a budget!

Unfortunately, no other app addressed all of our needs. For more than 3 years, I’ve been writing our expenses down in a little memo book. Manually keeping track of our expenses—especially trying to estimate the cost of mileage—was soooo annoying. But the system was flawless!

Rolling Budget - Track where your money goes, plan your expenses, and create a budget that works for you! The creation of Rolling Budget has added an incredibly useful tool to my #RVLife arsenal. I don’t have to do complex math anymore just to figure out where we stand at the end of the month. We are able to see our expenses in real time, watch our spending over time, and make small adjustments that has resulted in reducing our daily living and travel costs by almost 70%. Without giving up our lifestyle! That’s pretty awesome in my book.

We not only got our finances under control within a few short months, we were able to save enough money to quit our client work and finally start working for ourselves. So here we are today. Let me explain more about what the app does…

Track your mileage and fuel costs.

Rolling Budget estimates the cost of your trips down to the mile by using your vehicle’s average fuel efficiency and your fuel costs. After a few fill ups, the app is smart enough to calculate each of your vehicle’s estimated fuel efficiency over time. This is important for us RVers because sometimes our fuel efficiency is awesome because we’re driving the desert… and then sometimes those mountain excursions literally require every fuel stop you can find. The app figures all of that out for you and gives you a daily estimated cost for your mileage.


Track your day-to-day expenses.

This is kind of a given when it comes to a budget app. You expect that you can track your expenses. What makes our app different is that we allow you to split your expenses over time. We use this to calculate everything from the daily cost of campgrounds (after taxes and “reservation fees”) to the daily cost of our cell phone plans. You can pop these expenses into as many categories as you want too. At the end of the month, it adds everything up for you and gives you a pretty little summary chart to see your spending trends.

Plus, it’s private!

You don’t need the internet to use it. That means that you don’t have to remember yet another stupid password login, you don’t have to share your bank account information, you don’t even have to stay near civilization. The data stays on your devices. It just works. So if you’re out boondocking, you can track your budget without having to hunt for a signal.

What about Android?

You’ve been asking and we’ve been listening. The reality is that it takes much longer to develop apps for Android—specifically in regards to multi-device testing. I’m fighting the good fight for you Android folks! I’d also like to see an Android version out on the market sooner than later. However, we don’t want to release half-baked products and thorough testing is required.

So if you’re interested in an Android version of Rolling Budget, the best thing you can do is help get the word out. Tell your friends and family with iPhone and iPads about the app. The more interest we receive, the more time we’ll be able to devote to making the switch. You can send them to either the Rolling Budget website or have them get it directly from the App store.

What we’re working on next…

We’re keeping busy! In addition to my continued work on Tiny Kitchen Cuisine, Mike and I are in the middle of developing another app which should be released later next month. We’re also working on a much larger and more exciting project… our first game!

The game project makes me so giddy because it’s an idea that I’ve been wanting to create for quite a few years… DerbyGrrls! Originally, we were planning on releasing it early this year, but—like I said before—we are listening! There was so much interest in our prototype and so many requests for an Android version that we decided to take the extra time to release for both platforms at the same time. Expect to hear more about our progress in the coming weeks. If you’re interested, please join our mailing list on the DerbyGrrls website.

That’s all folks!

Check out Rolling Budget and if you know anyone who could use this tool, please tell them about it!


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